Jamaican Destination Wedding at Half Moon Resorts

Some days seem very ordinary. They start like any other day with the same agenda and the same expectations. Then, something happens - and the ordinary becomes much much more. Sasha and Larry had one of those days, and the trajectory of their lives would change forever.

Their beautiful wedding was photographed perfectly by Saab Wedding.

The Bride: Sasha Dabney
The Groom: Larry Manley Jr.
Occupations: Bride - Journalist/Blogger; Groom - Conductor
The Wedding Date: 11.11.2011
The Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Meeting .... "Larry and I met by chance, now it feels more like destiny :). It was during our college days  when two mutual friends of ours decided to meet up to hang out.  They introduced us with no intention of us becoming an item.  The rest is history :) (This is the short version)"

The Proposal ...."After a wonderful day out in the park, we came out and relaxed. Larry decides to get on his laptop as he usually does and then tells me to come over and check out something.  So when I go see what the big fuss [is about], he starts a slide show with photos stemming back from when we first met, funny quotes and music included.  I ask him what it is for and he said he just wanted to share some photos with me. Larry is a very sentimental person; so, this was sweet.  So I am still looking at the slide show and he steps out of the room. The slide show slowly ends and I see him come behind me.  As I thought he was just coming to ... show the last slide, he explains his love for me and asks me to turn around.  He is on one knee with a ring.  I [burst] into tears.  He asks me and of course I say, "YES".  Then, he minimizes the screen and has my family on Skype! Yes, they saw the whole thing!"

The Planning Process and Theme .... "Our wedding was a 14 month process.  We had a small intimate destination wedding in Jamaica.  My maternal side is from Jamaica and I spend many summers and spring breaks in Jamaica growing up.  It is my culture and a place I love. Our wedding was on 11-11-11.  My birthday is on March 10th and his Sept 1st.  I was also very close to my grandmother with whom I share the same birthday.  Last year, 2011 was the 11th year of my grandmother passing.  We would sit for hours talking about Jamaica and how she wanted me to also have the connection to my roots there.

The theme of our wedding can be compared to a vintage beach style wedding with orchids, ivory, coral colors.

The obvious challenges we had were just the distance.  Living all the way in NC and planning a wedding in Jamaica is a pretty tough task, but it did help that I was familar with the culture and area."


Incorporating Culture ...."When it came to culture, we really wanted to embody the essence of Jamaica. We had a four day wedding celebration: Day 1, Welcome Dinner; Day 2, Excurison Day; Day 3, Ladies and Gents Day; Day 4, Wedding; Day 5, Wedding Wrap up. We wanted to make sure the resort we stayed in during our wedding celebration would provide an authenic experience [that you would get] only in Jamaica.  This means food, social life and off-the-resort experiences."


The Most Unforgettable Moments .... "This is a tough one! :) We have so many.  My very first was saying our vows.  We wrote our own vows.  He would also agree. Another would be after we said "I do" and turned around to see all those smiling faces looking at us: family and friends that understand and love our union just as much as we do."


{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves .... "[her] drive and ambition."

She loves that.... "He is selfless and does not think about himself in any aspect.  He is always concerned about everyone else. This in turn wants me to do more for him to make him happy."

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Photography: Saab Photography 
Wedding dress: Allure Couture 
Venue: Half Moon Resorts 
Makeup: Loni Jones 
Bride/Bridesmaids' hair: done by the Bride
Groom's Suit: Tailor-made by Old Dog Clothing


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