Pastel Colored Wedding by Christine Meintjes Photography: Eva + Nyagaka

Eva and Nyagaka met while working for a charity Nyagaka co-founded.  Their love and dedication to helping others soon blossomed into a love for each other.  They formed a bond that time and space could not break, as they carried on a long distance relationship.  Nyagaka took steps to make their bond permanent when he proposed to Eva at a restaurant to the thunderous applause of their patrons.

Like their love, Eva and Nyagaka's wedding was breathtaking.  The couple said "I do"  at the beautiful Lourensford Estate.  Their classic décor and pastel color scheme was exquisitely executed with the help of Just Jack Wedding Coordination.  Photographer Christine Meintjes captured the opulence and grandeur of their spectacular nuptials. Prepare to be inspired!

Location: Lourensford Estate, South Africa


How They Met

Nyagaka was working in South Africa at the time for one of the South African banks. He co-founded a charity over a decade ago in South Africa called The Student Sponsorship Programme (SSP). SSP provides scholarships and mentorships to underprivileged children thereby allowing them to attend elite private schools in South Africa. At the time I was working on a pro bono legal issue for the organization. I was dealing with one of his fellow trustees, who had to go on leave. He handed over to Nyagaka and that’s how we started working together. We only met for breakfast 5 months later in May 2010 and we really hit it off. He was smart, interesting, had a strong philanthropic side and had climbed Kilimanjaro twice! But most of all he was a thorough gentleman. He asked me out for dinner, and I said yes. The rest is history. Nyagaka moved back to New York at the end of July 2010, and we had a long distance relationship.

The Proposal

Nyagaka took me to his sister’s wedding in December 2010 in Nairobi. It was the first time I met his family. He took me up country to a place called Kissi where his parents have their farm, and we spent time pottering around at his parent’s farm chatting to the farm manager about growing flowers, fish farming, and the best way to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse –fascinating stuff. On 26 December 2010 we flew out to London. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in London. Both Nyagaka and I were flying out of London the next day – he was going back to New York and I was heading back to South Africa. At this point the tears and sadness was setting in. The holidays were over, and we were back into our long distance situation.

He suggested we go out for a special dinner so that I could be cheered up. I wanted to wallow a bit and suggested we do something casual. We ended up grabbing a pizza at a popular pizza place around the corner from the hotel. The restaurant was buzzing and my mood was slightly lifted. I scoffed down my pizza and before you knew it I was ready to get the bill and go back to the hotel. Nyagaka tried to convince me to have dessert but I wouldn’t hear any of it. It was at that point that he got up from his chair, came over to my side of the table and got down on one knee. It happened to fast. Suddenly all the background noise had stopped. I wasn’t sure if I had blocked it out or whether everyone saw what was happening and stopped talking. I said “YES”, and I remember the restaurant bursting out into an applause.

The Most Memorable Moment 

When Nyagaka and I read our vows to each other before our friends and family, and the traditional dancing and singing that the women folk did when I entered the reception.

  1. Kristin of byPetronella Photography

    What an absolutely beautiful love story! The wedding was gorgeous in its simplicity and meaning. Love the inclusion of the signs of different places that are important to the couple and represent their long distance relationship. Ah, lovely!

  2. Linda

    Beautiful! The love story was so sweet it had me going “Awww”…

  3. deb

    i looove this and it’s wonderful how they met. those 2 children are so precious also! Congrats to the lovely couple!!


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