Pearls of Africa: Sabi Sabi Resort in South Africa


It's been said that once one experiences the incredible destination that South Africa is - with its ability to "touch" each of your senses in a way that will not just enlighten you, but it will also inspire you, you won't be the same again.  In any given moment you can ponder the origins of ancient man, then you're "perusing" the lush green forests of Tsitsikamma, or simply enjoying a 5 star luxury spa retreat.  South Africa is a destination where you can experience everything and more. In this Pearls of Africa feature, we take you to the 'Rainbow  Nation' the "quintessential" destination for couples who want to experience endless possibilities.


KAGGA KAMMA Private Game Reserve

The Western Cape of South Africa, Africa's most southerly point,  is home to Capetown, the most visited city on the African continent.  Situated in the untouched wilderness area south of the Cederberg Mountains, totally "away" from the "hustle" of city life is Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve.  Former home to the bushmen, ancient cave paintings are still visible on the rocks.  As a guest at Kagga Kamma, one can experience tours of the caves, and in-depth interpretations of the rock paintings, or enjoy the swimming pool built into the Cederberg rock formations.  For the bride who prefers indoors, the Health and Beauty Spa offers ultimate relaxation.

Sandstone formations made to resemble bushman caves serve as first class accommodations fully equipped with air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms.  An open-air restaurant serves "sumptuous" South African cuisine and "excellent" wines from the nearby Cape winelands.

On the other hand, couples may find the Saxon more suitable, with its "grand" marble decor and Victorian style decor.  It's mantra is ethnic African elegance.  The Saxon was the serene setting Nelson Mandela enjoyed after released from prison.  In fact, it was at the Saxon where he edited his autobiography, "Long Walk to Freedom." Each of the spacious suites is "decorated" with African art, latticed shutters that cover large bay windows that overlook the chic poolside area.

South Africa, has a history painted with struggle and strife, yet has a future "full" of possibilities and unity.  It is the "quintessential" getaway for the beginning your future together as husband and wife.

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