Personalizing Wedding Vows: To Do or Not To Do

Some people have said that the wedding vows set the tone for a marriage. Whether this is true or not depends, of course, on the individuals involved.  However, personalizing wedding vows has been a rising trend over the course of the last few years. In the past, a priest, ordained minister, rabbi, imam or some other religious leader or authorized person, read traditional vows and had each couple say their “I dos.” There was no need for the couple to write their own vows because the vows were already prepared. All they had to do was show up for the ceremony and get married. (Okay, there is obviously a lot more involved in getting ready for the ceremony, but you get the drift.)

These days, more couples are opting to personalize their special day. However, what seems to be truly comical is that the bride-to-be is often very eager to prepare her vows and say them to her soul mate, but the groom-to-be usually dreads this task. It seems women have a much easier time with writing heartfelt words to their men and reciting them in front of family, friends, and strangers.

Many will admit that listening to a couple’s personalized vows to each other can transform any ceremony from routine and mundane to unique and emotional. Vows give the spectators a glimpse into the hearts of the bride and the groom.

On the other hand, some people believe that deep words in form of personalized vows do not mean that a groom loves his bride any more or any less; some people have the gift of words, and some don’t. Those with this school of thought believe that it is what happens in the everyday course of the relationship that matters the most. That, they say, is what sets the tone for the marriage.

So what do you think? Are personalized vows a necessary part of your ceremony, or will traditional vows suffice for you?

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