Pretty in Pink Wedding in Nashville

Here's a cute Nashville DIY wedding with a pretty in pink color scheme.  What we love most is that the bride taught herself how to make bouquets on youtube and did all the flowers for the entire wedding!  The images were captured by Jenny Lindsey of Jenny Lindsey Photography.

Bride:  Mary Jacocks
Groom:  Jason Jacocks
Occupations:  Pre-School Teacher/Office Manager
Wedding Date:  September 24, 2011
Location: Nashville, TN


"The planning process was easy in the beginning but then became challenging the closer we got to the date. We had alot of help with our wedding planning. We were engaged for two years so we knew exactly what we wanted. We did a DIY wedding. This can be challenging and scary the day of the wedding because you want everything perfect, but not for me because I had so much help from loving family members. I ordered my flowers from a local shop and they were amazingly beautiful and fresh! This saved us a lot of money. I watched videos on youtube of how to make bouquets and all the other arrangements I needed. We put the flowers together ourselves and this felt great after seeing it all put together. This made me quite nervous but the flowers turned out great. I defintly wanted a very modern wedding and I feel we did a great job to achieve this look."



He loves..."The one thing that he loves about me most is how happy he truly makes me feel. He laughs at me because I always know what he is thinking and we have our own jokes that only him and I get. Jason always says to me,  I just want you to be happy and I say you always make me happy with everything you do for me. Jason is this way with anyone he just wants people to be care free and happy. So my happiness is what he loves most about me."

She loves..."I love that he is so caring. He is not only caring for me but for his family and people around him. When he prays at night it takes him about thirty minutes and he says it's because I pray for everyone individually and I dont want to forget anyone. This is so sweet that he thinks of other's before himself to make sure that they always have everything they need  - even happiness."

Congrats Jason and Mary and we wish you the best in marriage. To find out more about their photographer, visit her site. Click on any thumbnail below to view the entire gallery.


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  1. Angel

    So cute!! You better choose a man who can pray!!

    • Mary Jacocks

      lol that’s funny!

  2. oluchy

    l love it that it was a DIY, was beautiful.


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