Question of the Day: To invite or not to invite your wedding planner to your bridal parties?

Pre-wedding parties such as the bridal shower, bridesmaid luncheon, the bachelor party, the wedding breakfast, bridal brunch and rehearsal dinner are meant to be celebrated with family and friends closest to the bride.

Question: Does your wedding planner fit under the "close friend" category? Would he or she be invited to any of your wedding parties?

photo courtesy by Essence


  • Unless you have a personal connection, I wouldn’t…want to keep relationship professional.

  • I’m a wedding planner and most of my clients invite me to those personal events. But unless our relationship has evolved into a “friendship”, I respectfully decline.

  • When I was a planner, I would be invited but I declined. Why? I would end up working when I was invited to be a guest. It’s great to invite your planner but if he/she is a guest, allow them to be a guest.

  • I agree with Nichole. I am a planner and I usually get invited to the bridal shower, but I decline. I always want to help, It’s hard for me to be a guest.

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