North Carolina Wedding with Turquoise and Peacock Details: Marlana + Corey

Marlana and Corey met in a church parking lot - when Marlana was there to hear the guy she was dating sing. That man was not Corey! However, he would soon become the man in her life, and they've been making each other's hearts sing ever since. This North Carolina wedding was photographed by Aura Marzouk Photography.  You can also check them out on our partner site


Bride: Marlana Hawkins
Groom: Corey Burch
Occupations: Bride - Pre-K Coordinator for a Non-Profit; Groom - Warehouse Specialist)
Wedding Date: 12.15.2012

How He Proposed ..... "Sitting around with family, my mother stood up and said my cousin wanted to sing. (My cousin hadn't sung since 2003 when my Grandmother passed). I thought, "Cool! He is going to sing to everyone for Mother’s Day." Well, when he started to sing, it was a wedding song! I was making a crazy face because that was odd. Then right after he hit a high note in his song, he said, "My man, Corey is going to help me finish this song." I was thinking, "Yeah right! Corey is not about to sing for like 30 people!" He walked across the room to where I was sitting, took me to the center of the room, dropped to one knee, and proposed!!!"

Wedding Details ..... "We got in engaged on Mother's Day 2012, so we only had 7 months to plan what we hoped would be the wedding of the year. I dragged my husband to every bridal show that was in our area. At the first show, we secured our photographer. I already knew I wanted my friend, Demetris Fasion of Creative Touch Design, to do my flowers and decor. One of our biggest challenges was deciding on a D.J. because we knew we wanted a party!!! Also, my dad, who financed the wedding, is a HBCU President which means REALLY busy; so, I had to have weekly update meetings with him and be sure to prioritize vendors' info by importance."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "Corey says what he loves most about me is that I care for him in a way he's never experienced before."

She loves ..... "Growing up as the daughter of a college president, I grew up not really knowing who was around because of who I was and who was around for me. Moving to NC was my fresh start. I kept the details of my dad’s profession secret until Corey expressed his love. Then, I knew he loved me for me and I knew he was the one."

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  1. Pat Gryder Thompson

    Stunning wedding, romantic couple! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

  2. clair estelle

    this is lovely, the peacock details are a lovely touch!

  3. oluchy

    unique n lovely.


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