Real {North Carolina} Wedding with Infusions of Rich Purple: Janelle + Khalid

Janelle and Khalid met at a competition while pursuing their respective MBAs at different universities. Instead of finding rivalry and competition with each other, Janelle and Khalid walked away with something much more special: the beginnings of love. :)

This Liberian and American wedding with rich purple details was photographed by Chantal Stone Photography.

Bride: Janelle Bass
Groom: Khalid Hawthorne
Occupations: Bride - Journalist; Groom - Consultant
Wedding Date: 09.02.2012
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

How They Met ...... "Khalid and Janelle met in the Intercontinental Hotel that was hosting the Cleveland Clinic Case Competition. Both were pursuing their MBAs when their paths crossed during this two-day event. A simple hello turned into a conversation which led to a bowling date. Khalid's version of the story includes him introducing himself and Janelle immediately being overwhelmed by his aura, while Janelle has an equally funny rendition that includes Khalid saving her from a guy in a suit, rainbow socks and (brightly colored) "gator shoes". Through the events of the two-day competition, they talked to each other more and more."

How He Proposed ..... "When they arrived at Piedmont Park on March 21, 2011, Khalid tried to keep a straight face the entire time. The couple walked throughout the park, talking and taking pictures as they always do. In between pictures on a bridge, Khalid approached Janelle and asked her, "How much do you love me?" The bride's face was a show in bewilderment. "Do you love me for a lifetime?"  Khalid said as he went down on one knee. Janelle's face was still frozen - she couldn't believe Khalid had been able to surprise her! "Will you marry me?" he asked. After a further pause and no change in Janelle's face, he stated further, "Ummmm...I think that is a yes but I would like to hear it from your mouth." She kissed him a couple of times and then, finally, said what he was waiting for,"YES...YES....YES!!!"

Wedding Details ..... "Our wedding theme was "Coming to America." We wanted the royal look and feel, but also with a lot of laughter. My favorite color is purple, so I really wanted to incorporate purple into the wedding. My bouquet, shoes, bridesmaid dresses and table linen were purple."

Incorporating Culture ..... "My family is from Liberia and my husband is from Durham, North Carolina. So, for the rehearsal dinner, everyone wore African attire. At the wedding, I incorporated food from Liberia: we served ginger beer, coconut candy, and rice bread. My cousin brought Palm Wine from Liberia to serve for the toast. Both families danced in the Grand March."

Most Unforgettable Moment ..... "My most memorable moment was my father putting on sunglasses to hide the tears that were rolling down his face before he walked me down the aisle."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "Khalid loves my smile. He says when I smile, I light up a room."

She loves ..... "I love that Khalid speaks into me spiritually."


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