Romantic Vineyard E-Session in Alabama

Dinner clubs are a great way to try delicious food, met new people, and if you are as lucky as Lindsay and William, you may even find your soul mate.  This lovely couple met while mingling and munching at a BBQ dinner club in Birmingham, AL.  After several years of dating, they were inseparable and William knew he was ready to propose.  He wanted to make sure everything was flawless, so he got Lindsay’s parents’ permission and began searching for the picture-perfect ring. A ski trip in Tennessee proved to be the perfect time to pop the question. To commemorate their engagement they wanted to have a photo-shoot that truly captured their personalities. Lindsay shares, “Our e-session gives a good summary of what our life together is like – classic, romantic, and fun!”  To start off their session, they went back to a place where they had one of their first dates, the Morgan Creek Vineyards. Elle Danielle Photography beautifully photographed the excitement this fun loving couple shares over their pending nuptials.

  • Bride to be: Lindsay Reddick
  • Groom to be: William Harden
  • Wedding Date:  02/22/2014













How They Met

Her Story:

In February 2010, I attended my first Dinner Club with a group of people I had met the previous months at various events around Birmingham. The dinner party started to arrive at the restaurant and a handsome guy sat across from me. He introduced himself as William.

Although we officially met that February and saw each other at the monthly Dinner Club gatherings, we didn't really get to know each other until that July. That month's gathering was a BBQ at my friend's house. The more relaxed setting allowed us to talk and joke more. I enjoyed being around him! We went out on (what I consider) our first date the next night. After a month or so of dating, he told me that I needed to be with him. Trusting and agreeing with him that September night proved to be the best decision of my life.

His Story:

It was at a Dinner Club where I first saw this attractive new face. I didn't immediately try to initiate any conversion as I continued on with the normal dinner club format. Luckily for me Lindsay sat down directly across the table from me. During that time, as always light conversation was taking place, she mentioned where she attended college. I told her I knew of a few people including relatives that attended, and asked if any of the names rang a bell. Of course she knew some of them, and it was at that time I said “yea ok” in my mind “of course she would” and decided to leave it be at that. That ended our first brief conversation.

That summer, I saw Lindsay at a Dinner Club BBQ. As I was coming up the steps to bring my addition to the BBQ, I saw her talking with her friend while attempting to do something rather unsuccessfully on the grill. Lindsay was wearing a nice summer dress that accentuated her figure. As always, I was my cool self and spoke to both of them then placed my things in the house. I felt this gathering would allow for additional conversation, but didn't want to force anything. At some point I went back outside to assist them on the grill and make light conversation to assess things I guess you could say.

After some conversation, to my surprise Lindsay in a roundabout way asked for my number under the guise of planning something else later. I saw through it completely and even joked about it, but it sounded like a win for me so I obliged. We began to date and the thing I noticed most was how comfortable and smooth our dates had been. The other thing I noticed is that whenever we were not together we always ran into each other out and about. Now I had been in Birmingham for some time and had never seen Lindsay before, but it seemed that wherever I went I randomly ran into her. At one point I felt as though she would think I was stalking her, but of course I let her know she should stop following me around. I knew there was something special about Lindsay and I had to let her know that we needed to be together so I could find out what that was.

The Proposal

Her Story:

William and I had been on many fun adventures together, but we had never been on a vacation by ourselves. In January of 2013 he expressed interest in going on a ski trip. Neither of us had been skiing before, so I suggested that we start on a smaller scale. He booked a romantic cabin in Gatlinburg, TN for the last weekend of the month. We had a wonderful, long weekend of relaxation... oh and skiing. (Let's not talk about skiing. I had a tough time at it, but he was a natural... of course!) On the final night of our stay, we watched a movie and enjoyed some of the goodies we got from the shops while sitting on the rug by the fireplace. It felt like a normal night until it wasn't.

At the end of the movie, he stood me up and danced with me as we reflected on the weekend. I turned to see the credits for a couple of seconds, and when I looked back he was on one knee!!! Most of it was a blur from there. I couldn't believe it was happening! William doesn't joke about that kind of thing, so I knew he was serious. All I could do was make sure he knew which hand the ring should go (LOL), say OF COURSE (!!!), and cry. I was a bit concerned about whether he got permission before asking, so I asked. Like a true gentleman, he had gone to Gadsden the weekend before and asked my parents. He told me that his parents and our siblings knew as well! A strong sense of peace rushed over me, and I've felt that way ever since.

His Story:

I know you have just read Lindsay's version, now it is time for the truth... haha. This engagement story started way before January. I would say it started in October of the previous year. I spent about two months learning and practicing all the knowledge I received from various jewelers. Cut, Color, Clarity was ingrained in my thinking process until early December when I found the perfect combination in a classic style I knew she would like. Then there was my attempt at correctly sizing a ring for a person who doesn't typically wear rings; one of my only low points in the process...That's a story for another day.

As Christmas rolled around I was debating popping the question, but my dislike of cheesy-ness won over, so I decided to work on a new plan. One evening we were sitting on the couch talking about taking a real trip together and we both blurted out skiing. So I set out to book a ski trip in Gatlinburg with the big ending being a proposal. The next step on this master plan was getting permission to pop the big question from her parents. I was clueless as to how I would accomplish this as the trip alone would have been almost two hours gone without Lindsay knowing. I could tell everything was going to work out when she mentioned she was going to be out with friends the same weekend I wanted to attempt my secret mission.

Fast forward again to Gatlinburg. The weather was perfect for skiing, but not for getting out of your mountain top cabin. We did go skiing and it was great although Lindsay had a little more trouble than I, but we had a blast together. Then she forced me to walk and shop, haha. The last night, after that movie I magically pulled that ring out and proposed and she said YES!!!

Engagement Session Inspiration

Early in our relationship, before we were officially a couple, William took me to Morgan Creek Vineyards for their annual Grape Stomp. This is where I “fell in like” with him, so we thought it would be great to have engagement pictures taken there.

Since William plays flag football and softball in a few of leagues around town, we wanted to capture that part of our lives a well.

Our session gives a good summary of what our life together is like – classic, romantic, and fun!

Looking Forward to...

The thing we're looking most forward to is actually being MARRIED! We also look forward to celebrating with our family and friends.


Photography by Elle Danielle Photography


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