Saved by the Videographer! How One Bride’s Wedding Day Nightmare was Transformed to Happily Ever After

Prior even to their first date, Tishera already knew his future belonged with Danielle, having announced in front of their fellow co-workers his affirmations that she would someday be his wife. Working together for the same company, it didn’t take long for them to notice each another, and soon after Tishera’s declaration they began dating. Three months later he would ask her to be his wife in a moment of romantic spontaneity. Danielle, remembers with affection how “he was so nervous he put the ring on the wrong hand…”

This storybook romance certainly wasn't without at least a small chapter of drama, and though a power-outage under normal circumstances is far from dramatic, this was on the most important of days - the wedding...

Danielle recalls that very moment, "I was a bit nervous at first but Anesha (my Wedding Cinematographer) jumped right in and saved the day. It was as if nothing happened. She was truly amazing to watch in action. Such a natural and very professional. I thought that [the makeshift lighting] was very creative and smart of her to think of doing something like that. I don't think any other Cinematographers would have been able to pull it off as smoothly as Anesha did. Very impressive work. It was out for about 30 minutes or so. Thankfully, it did not affect the ceremony/reception except that we started a little late."

Read the story firsthand from Anesha Collins, Owner/Operator of Unashamed Imaging, and MunaLuchi coterie member:

"...the power went completely out in the venue and surrounding areas. No generators were able to give us electrical power until the main power source came back. Thankfully the Bridal party was full dressed with just hairpins in their hair that they would release before the wedding ceremony began, but the most important person was not; the Bride. You could see on her face that she was a little worried about their being no electricity, but she handled herself well. Her Matron of Honor lead a prayer for the couple, to keep things calm; it helped the wedding party a lot. After noticing that the lights weren't coming back on, and the venue owner making an official announcement that the surrounding areas had no power as well; my  creative brain went into music video mode. We couldn’t go outside because it would definitely be uncomfortable for the Bride to get dressed out in the open, and it was also close to eight o'clock at night which meant the sun wasn't on our side. I pulled out my video light (which luckily the photographer also had hers), and setup the Bridal room as if it was a music video. I gave her a hair light and some lighting in the front, had my second-shooter hold a reflector to bounce some of the front lighting more evenly, and the photographer's second-shooter held her video light based on the directions I gave her so we wouldn't have any shadows. I called the Matron of Honor over to my camera to show her what the room looked like. She was so impressed. Her exact words were, "You can't even tell that the lights are off in the room." Then she says to the Bride, "You look so beautiful, wow."  I stepped back to make sure there were no shadows, prepared the three women in the Bridal party that would help the Bride get dressed, and let the Bride know that this was her time to shine. I also reminded the three women in the Bridal party and the Bride not to rush this moment. I didn't want them to think that because the electrical power was still out, and because we had artificial lighting that they couldn't be in the moment. The photographer and I worked together (like we always do), to give the Bride the same experience as if the electrical power wasn't out, and the footage/photos we captured were amazing.
I'm so glad that I have an understanding of lighting and have also shot several music videos and video-projects to know how to manipulate light. I'm also grateful that everyone who was there to shoot the wedding came together as one-team to meet the ultimate goal..."

Bride & Groom: Danielle Nicole Jackson and Tishera Ki-Shone Auguste
Occupations: Customer Service Representative.  Truck driver.
Wedding date: July 29, 2016
Wedding location: The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda - Metrowest. Orlando, Florida

Meeting and Proposal: We met at work at a company called SYGMA. He was a delivery driver and I worked in the office in customer service. My coworker, Tressa introduced us. So one day he noticed one of the other guys trying to give me his number. So he walks up and makes an announcement in front of everyone in the lobby and says to the guy, "back off because she's about to be my wife". I just laughed it off and not long after we started dating.
He proposed to me after dating for three months. It was just the two of us in his room. We were getting ready to go out. He just got out of the shower, still wearing his towel when he got down on one knee and asked me. He was so nervous he put the ring on the wrong hand, LOL.

Wedding Style: My dress was a sweetheart neckline with beading all over the top half and the bottom half was beautiful chiffon layers. My mom actually picked out my dress. She has an amazing sense of style.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? My husband is from the Virgin Islands so we incorporated island food into the wedding reception. As well as island music.

What is your best memory from your wedding? Walking down the aisle to meet my future.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Stay calm and don't allow the little things to stress you. Make sure to delegate tasks to others that can help take the load off of you. Surround yourself with positive people that have your back and best interests in mind.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Gifts: Goodie gift bags
Favorite Item on the Menu: Spinach quiche
First Dance Song: "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran


Wedding dress designer (stylist): David's Bridal

Wedding dress salon:David's Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses: Vera Wang

Hair & makeup: Tiffany Mitchell @tippthestylist for Instagram. Goddess Faces by Mrz. Jaye

Shoes: Schutz



Photography:  CAPTIVA


Wedding planner: Danielle Auguste (Bride)

Day of event coordinator: Silvana from the Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Florist: Kim E. Flowers(Bridal Bouquet), Maxine's Flowers(Bridal Party)

Cake: Cakes by Virgo

Stationery: Chariece & Karen Lockhart

Event designer: Ms. Norma from the Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

DJ: Stan Thomas aka Dj Stan Strong (Best Friend)

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