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A Sophisticated Wedding Infused with Haitian Culture in New Rochelle, NY

We love when a couple’s adoration for their culture is infused throughout their wedding. Cassandre and Alain Auguste initially wanted to get married in Haiti, but when those plans fell through, they thought of creative ways to incorporate their Haitian culture into their big day.  First, their ceremony was celebrated in three languages, French, Haitian Creole and English. At their reception, they served Haitian beer, danced to Haitian music, and guests went home with plates that were hand painted by a famous Haitian artist. When it came to their décor, Cassandre and Alain brought the Midas touch, mixing shades of purple, and blush with opulent gold tones.  This fashionable couple even incorporated gold into their outfits, with Alain wearing a custom gold tuxedo jacket, and Cassandre wearing gold accessories including a stunning gold sash that she made herself.  Amy of A. Anaiz Photography photographed this sophisticated and stylish celebration of culture and love.


Quick Facts 

  • Wedding Date:  09/01/2013
  • Wedding Location:  Holy Rosary Catholic Church and The Greentree Country Club, New Rochelle, NY
  • Wedding Theme: Sophisticated yet romantic
  • Color Scheme: Gold, Purple and Blush Pink
  • First Dance Song:  A mix of Eric Virgal and Orlane’s “Notre Histoire” and Harmonik’s “Obsede”
  • Wedding Cake Flavors: Our cake was a delicious six tier Italian rum cake.
  • Wedding Menu Favorite: I absolutely loved our dessert buffet, I have a sweet tooth so I was in powdered sugar heaven!
  • Bridesmaids Gifts:  Monogrammed Leather Clutches by Social Monograms.
  • Groomsmen Gifts:  Customized travel garment bag from

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Wedding Theme

I am drawn to the opulence of golden tones and deep purples but also the softness of blush pink. Together, these three colors inspired the aesthetics of the wedding and became my palette. I wanted a sophisticated yet romantic feel to the wedding and I think we achieved it!

Wedding Style

I was inspired by the timelessness of my mom’s wedding dress, so I really wanted something that was classic yet still fresh. I found that in my Romona Keveza gown, which had an updated silhouette in a lace pattern. I also was excited about creating different looks with my dress, adding sleeves for a more demure look during the ceremony and removing the straps and adding a belt for a more grown and sexy look at the reception. Both my husband and I had incorporated gold into our outfits (my jewelry, my shoes and minaudiere were gold), but my favorite was actually my husband’s custom gold tuxedo jacket. He looked like a million bucks and it was so unique.

Incorporation of Culture

Initially, we wanted to get married in Haiti, where we both grew up, but when these plans changed, we were determined to infuse our culture into every aspect of our wedding. Our ceremony was celebrated in three languages, French, Haitian creole and English. Our DJ kept the party going by playing Haitian music as well as international hits. During the reception we severed the award winning Prestige beer, Haiti’s national beer.At the end of the night, guests took home handpainted plates by famous Haitian artist, Patrick Wah as favors. It was our way of sending them home with a little piece of Haiti.

Most Memorable Moment 

In my husband’s words:  “At the church, when you were walking down the aisle, the expression on your face and the way I felt at that moment”

For me, it was when we were pronounced husband and wife.  Our wedding had to be postponed because of deaths on both sides, so finally being pronounced husband and wife was a special moment for me. I was also overwhelmed when I first walked into the ballroom and saw how many people were there to support us and celebrate us. I must admit, it was fun dancing with all our guests on the dance floor!  I wish I could experience that day all over again, minus the stress, lol!

Wedding Advice

Stay true to who you are as a couple throughout the planning process. It can and probably will get stressful at times, but this event should be a reflection of your couple. You will not be able to please everyone but you want to look back at your day with satisfaction. Finally, don’t sweat the small stuff, something will go wrong, just brush it off and keep smiling.



  • C.T.G.

    The wedding pictures are all beautiful.

  • Lannie LaRose-Desravines Thoma

    Beautiful couple and wedding. I love Haitian weddings. May God bless your union.