TGIM Giveway: Luxury IMAN Cosmetics Beauty Pack

Founded by Iman  in 1994, IMAN Cosmetics is the first cosmetics and skincare collection designed for all women with skin of color.  We LOVE her products, especially the fact that there are so many shades available, so finding the perfect shade is not cumbersome.  This week's TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) Giveaway is a luxurious beauty pack courtesy of IMAN cosmetics with the following items:

Luxury Lip Shines

These luxury shimmering lip glosses come in an array of light reflecting colors.  A huge plus is the micro-pigments of pearl and Vitamin E which help moisturize and soothe lips.  Check the various colors [fancy_link link="" variation="copper" target="blank"]here[/fancy_link]

Luxury Eye Defining Powders

These pearlescent powders can be worn cose to lashes to create a smoky or shimmering eyeliner.  Try blending them on eyelids for subtle glimmer.  More info [fancy_link link=""copper" target="blank"]here[/fancy_link]

Luxury Lip Pencils

For the perfect lip, you've got to have the perfect lip pencil.  IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Lip Pencils help shape lips and prevent feathering.  Added bonus - they come with a build in sharpener!

Luxury Lip Shimmer

The Luxury Lip Shimmers not only give lips a high-shine, but they also moisturize.  Check out the range of available colors [fancy_link link="" variation="copper" target="blank"]here[/fancy_link]

Luxury Lip Stains

A great alternative to fuller coverage lipstick, IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Lip Stains are smooth, creamy, and semi-sheer with colors ranging from "barely-there" to fiery red.


Entry Rules:

  • Leave a comment on this post answering this question: If you had to leave the house with only one makeup product, what would it be?  lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, foundation, mascara, etc. 
  • "Like" IMAN Cosmetics on facebook
Winner will be selected randomly and announced on Friday.  Good Luck!
  • ifeanyi

    I am a lipgloss girl. I never leave home without it!

  • Definitely Lipgloss!!! <3

  • Brittney Nicole Carter

    Definitely LIPGLOSS!!!! <3 I have got to have my SHINE!

  • Angela Solomon

    Mascara. I have very little lashes and a little mascara will open up your eyes and give your whole face a lift.

  • Must have the lipgloss! I have been know to go back in the apartment if mine is not in my purse even if I am running late for work!

  • Sarina Oware

    Lip gloss!

  • Just sent Kimberly an email.

  • June

    I cannot leave home without my lipstick

  • Joy

    Love my lipgloss

  • Beverly

    Need to have the lip gloss. Can’t be walking around with chapped lips. Love Iman!

  • Connie W.

    I can’t leave home without my lipgloss. My warm inviting smile and a great gloss brightens anyone’s day.

  • Rhonda

    Hands down, I’d have have to say lip gloss! No one wants to kiss “dry”, “unattractive” lips!

  • Kristin

    mascara – always!

  • Lipgloss!! I love Iman make-up so I hope I win. :-)

  • Zaskia Ruiz-Jones

    Lip gloss!

  • Nana Yiadom

    I never leave the house with out my lipgloss!

  • Wynell

    Definitely some concealer

  • Allison Barksdale

    Can’t live without my lip balm!!!

  • Sue Dupont

    Would Definately have to be Lip Gloss!!!

  • ingakaye

    Lipgloss would be the item I’d reach for.

  • Shaunte

    If I had to leave the house with only one beuty product, it would definitely be lipgloss!!! I keep one in the car, and in every purse so that I’m never without it.

  • Nicole

    Absolutely foundation!
    Lipgloss & mascara are in my purse if I forget to apply in the morning.

  • Barbara


  • milaxx

    I always keep lipgloss in my bag. In fact my lately go to color is Iman’s Luxury Lip Shine in fantasy

  • concealer, if he’s good enough, i can use as a foudation and be glamurous in the morning.

  • If i had to leave the house with one item, it will definitely be my lipgloss! All day, everyday!

  • Victoria Royal

    Blush.. Have to have blush

  • Lipgloss is a staple in my handbag!

  • shania elliott

    Lipgloss is a must

  • Savvy

    Lipgloss!!!! I need something on my lips at all times. LOL :-)

  • Tarisse

    It would be powder! (specifically Iman’s Semi-Loose Powder – Clay Medium). I have oily skin so the loose powder helps to keep me matte and my face looking fresh. Love it. =)

  • Heather

    I have to agree with many of the others that lipgloss is that one must have.

  • Kammi

    Lip gloss. It’s a must product.

  • Tiffany

    Lipgloss! It’s the one item that radiates the whole face.

  • Must have lip gloss, in fact I have one in my 3 favorite handbags, and both cars.

  • sewa

    Lipgloss girl…anyday!anytime!

  • Amelia

    Eyeliner!!! I look dead without it…

  • Ashley W

    I must I must I must have my lip gloss ;-)

  • i love iman products. i even started venturing to here atire line. i carry her purse! love it. keep all and anything new coming iman we women of color as the queens we are deserve the best in evrything. thank you

  • leanne rodriguez

    definitely would be eyeliner for me! i of course dont feel like i look good without my other makeup products like my foundation and lip gloss, but i would feel more confident with just the eyeliner if i only had one product to use vs the others.

  • leanne rodriguez

    I already LIKE you on FB =)

  • Carlita Gibson

    Mascara….can illuminate your beauty…gottah have it!

  • Katrina

    Sorry I have two things – mascara and lip gloss. Wont leave the house without either one!

  • Tolu

    EYELINER!! even though I am afro-carribbean, I look pale (yes I said pale!) without eyeliner…never leave home without it…God bless eyeliners!

  • Latosha


  • Sheila

    MASCARA!!!! it’s a must have.

  • Jessica Hall

    My mascara! Eyes are the gateways to the soul, I love it when people look me in my eyes!

  • Danielle

    I would not leave the house without concealer for that look of a flawless complexion.

  • Carmella S.

    Lip Gloss, I always have it in my purse and I don’t wear a lot of makeup but always have lip Gloss.

  • I love my eyeliner

  • Ivan Alina-Alexandra

    I cannot leave home without my lipstick

  • Sheryl Edwards


  • Natasha

    Lipgloss! :D

  • Sharee


  • della dabner

    has to be eyeliner!!

  • Blessing Chimbindi

    lipgloss for sure

  • Nicola Ifill-Fraser

    If I had to leave the house with only one makeup product, it would be Eyeliner. Eyeliner defines my eyes, creating an aesthetic illusions.

  • J. Preal

    II I can never leave home without lipgloss.

  • Destiny M.

    Definitely lip gloss.

  • Tawynmanda Cook

    My aunt always believed that you should never walk out of the house without lipstick. Although I find it hard to find the right shade, her beliefs are starting to rub off on me. I’m more of a lipgloss girl, sometimes lipstick feels heavy.

  • Missy

    LIPGLOSS….I keep at least 4 in my purse at all times!! I love the way it compliments me!!

  • I would have to say my lip gloss :)

  • Jenne

    If I had to leave the house with only one makeup product, it would most definitely be my lip gloss. What’s a girl without her lip gloss? =)

  • Lovely Make Up

    I cannot leave home without my mascara :)

  • Lorey

    I never leave home without my clay5 creme to powder foundation


    Hmmm! This isn’t an easy question…..I would have to say my one must have is lipstick! Lipstick lasts longer and it doesn’t leave your lips all sticky. Don’t get me wrong I love my gloss, but if I had to choose it would be lipstick. No fuss, no hassle.

  • chynma

    i cant leave the house without my lip stick.have to keep those lips hydrated

  • Eliss

    For me, it would have to be lipgloss. I have full lips, and I can’t let them go around looking ashy, lol! Moisture is key to a healthy set of lips :)

  • My Lipgloss!! I’m addicted, lol!

  • Precious Tarver

    It has to be lipgloss…..nothing looks as bad as a dry lip….

  • janaye moore

    I would have to say a great lipstick. In a pinch it can always double as my cheek color; and if I’m really desperate I can always blend a little over the lids for a nice eye opener;)

  • Linnea Bancala

    definitely mascara! My husband always tells me he loves it when I wear mascara!

  • Diana

    I wouldn’t leave the house with a some bronzer on my face, little on my chest and shoulder & arms!!
    Extra glow goes a long way!

  • cynthia cachay

    I would leave my house with mascara! Eyelashes are the most flirtacious yet classy part of every womans face. <3

  • Angela Windley

    I would not leave the house without lipgloss. Can’t have cracked or dry lips. It’s small and fits perfect in a pocket.

  • Talisha Clark

    I would also have to say lip gloss. No one wants to walk around all day with dry lips. If you don’t have anything else on you have to just some gloss. That’s what we learned as little girl…it all started with Vaseline and chap-stick.

  • Jacqueline H.

    Lipgloss is essentia

  • Monica

    Definately lipgloss!

  • Dawn May

    I always have to have lipgloss o when I leave the house.

  • Lori

    If you had to leave the house with only one makeup product it would be my have my skin uniform and smooth ..I cannot walk out of my door without looking perfect :)

  • maribel de la torre

    defenitely lip gloss!!!!!!

  • Erin Johnson-pina

    I cannot go anywhere with out lip Gloss!!! Are u kidding!!! I would just die! :)

  • I’m working on bettering my skin so I can go without wearing as much foundation & concealer, but my must have cosmetic, is and always will be, LIP GLOSS. I’m sorry, but I just refuse to be seen with dry, ashy, crusty lips!
    Just keeping it {very} real. :-)

  • I would have to say…MASCARA. WHY? It opens my eyes, I can tame my brows with it and define my lower lash line. EYEdraMA!

  • It has to be lipstick. They eyes seem to go right to where the color is! lol! Have to have my lipstick!

  • Yemurayi Mhishi

    foundation !

  • Joo Young Oh

    I can’t leave the house without concealer on



  • Jennifer newmons

    OMG. Choose 1… It would have to be eyeliner! At least you will be able to see my eyes now.

  • Sydney Ronning

    That’s so hard! I’d have to pick mascara. It makes my eyes look larger and more defined with just a few swipes.

  • Kim Harig

    : If you had to leave the house with only one makeup product, what would it be? It would be green eyeliner. Please pick me I need new make up. Thanks

  • Deena

    Eyeliner! (Lip gloss is a close second.)

  • Yvette

    Eyeliner, definitely! You can do a lot with eyeliner, smokey eye, brows even line lips.

  • keasia johnson

    Short eyelashes so definitely mascara.

  • lawanda hankins

    lip gloss or balm

  • MalcaJ

    I would have to say eyeliner so I can make sure my brows are filled in lol. FB name: Malca Jamaya

  • I never leave home without something (lip gloss, lip stick, etc.)to put on my lips lol

  • Maame Wireku-Afari

    lip stick…being I have the perfect skin and so I never have to really put anything on my face except lip. That always makes you put together.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Lip Gloss for me!

    • Kea

      It would be my eyeliner.

  • Iyesha Harvey

    Definitely lipgloss!!! Dry lips are not sexy! :- {}

  • Crystal

    Gotta have lipgloss!!

  • Ashleigh Booker-Stevens

    If you had to leave the house with only one makeup product, what would it be? lipgloss

  • charlene

    Definitely mascara

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