The Zuckerberg Effect: Claire Pettibone’s Sweet Surprise

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Claire Pettibone, get used to that name if you're not familiar. Her gowns are like a whimsical fantasy, elegantly designed with the finest lace...intricate overlays, and  truly artistic craftsmanship.  We've been a huge fan and supporter of Claire Pettibone's pretty dresses since the magazine was launched.  So on May 19, when Mark Zuckerberg changed his facebook status to "married" and posted an image of him and his new wife, the first thing that came across our minds was...that looks like a Claire Pettibone gown...then, wow, Mark Zuckerberg got married? Pretty cool.  It wasn't until many hours later that the world would learn that the pretty lace "traditional" gown Mrs. Zuckerberg wore was made by Beverly Hills based designer Claire Pettibone.

The news came as a surprise, according to Claire.  She was at Disneyland with her family, celebrating her daughter's 5th birthday that day.  Later on in the evening her husband checked the news and realized Priscilla Chan, Mark's new wife, was wearing a Claire Pettibone gown.  The dress is called 'Sky Between the Branches' and the back of the dress (pictured above) highlights a sexy lowcut v-shaped lace back.  Pretty sexy for a lowkey bride.

Since then, Claire's website traffic has grown tremendously, and she's been bombarded with interviews.  We are so thrilled for her and wish her nothing but more blessings.  And there will certainly be more to come.  Oh, and happy belated birthday to your little girl!


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photos by Elizabeth Messina, florals by katflower 
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