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Lockell Chris Train Themed Wedding California Luminairephotography025

Train-themed California Wedding with Gray Details & Pops of Yellow by Luminaire Images: Lockell + Chris

Lockell and Chris happen to have one of the coolest jobs in the world: they are software engineers at an aerospace company. Why are their jobs relevant, you ask? Well, that’s how the two would slowly but surely become one. :) Lockell and Chris met at a company event, became friends first, then became so much more! Chris proposed to his lady-love over a romantic candlelight, and she, of course, said, “Yes!” The couple’s Los Angeles, California wedding had some Southern-style elements, with gray details and vivid & vibrant pops of yellow and even burnt orange. The colors are a lovely reflection of the fact that their love is alive! All the details were photographed by Molly of Luminaire Images.

Bride: Lockell Keeling
Groom: Chris Hickey
Wedding Date: 09.08.2012
Location: Huron Substation, Los Angeles, CA

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Choosing the Venue ….. “When we selected the Huron Substation as our venue and discovered that it was used as a conversion station for energy for the old light-rail system in LA, we thought that a train/subway theme was the only way to go. As software engineers, it’s only fitting that we did most of the planning using online resources ….. The fact that our venue was such a blank slate was great because it allowed us to fully express our vision for our big day but it also presented us with challenges because everything had to be brought into the space. It was a lot of work, but we love how everything came out and couldn’t imagine any other venue working so well.”

Vendor Relationships ….. “We were blessed to have connections to a lot of extraordinary vendors. My sister went to college with our photographer, Molly of Luminaire Images, and my sister’s best friend from grade school, Ziang Her of Slanty Pear Creative, designed all of our artwork and stationery. Also, one of my bridesmaid’s sister, Jen Castelo, did an amazing job on the bridal party’s makeup and my friend and coworker, Kacy Wilson, did us the honor of DJing our wedding. We felt extremely lucky to have such a personal connection to some of our vendors and truly believe that’s one of the main reasons our wedding day was exactly what we wanted!”

Incorporating Culture ….. “We had a fairly traditional American wedding, but we add[ed] some special touches by using songs by Jill Scott throughout the ceremony (“A Long Walk-Instrumental” for the groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids’ entrance, “He Loves Me” for my entrance, and “Golden” for the recessional). We kept that jazzy, soulful feel for most of the evening. We also had a southern menu with items like Chicken and Waffle canapes during cocktail hour, Shrimp ettoffee as an entree, and mini peach pies and banana pudding shots at our dessert bar.”


{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ….. “Chris always says he loves my youthful energy and sense of humor.”

She loves ….. “I love Chris’ loyalty, support, and the fact that he loves me for who I am.”


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  • Steph – LoveintheD

    Wow! The pops of orange and yellow look great on the bride. Love the color scheme as well as the way they incorporated the train/subway theme throughout… especially those cufflinks. Holy moly.

  • artistic wedding photography

    Lockell and Chris were a great couple to photograph! So savvy about what they wanted their wedding to be like, and exactly how to make it happen. Loved making their pictures!

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    Everything of this wedding embraced my sensitivities! Whatever that means. Lol

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    What’s your favorite part of this train themed #realwedding?

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    Such a stunning train themed #summerwedding! #realwedding

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    I love how they incorporated pops of yellow in a sophisticated way. Absolutely gorgeous!

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    oh i love the stylish yellow highlights!

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  • Rashana Anderson

    So beautiful!! Who designed the bridesmaid dress?!

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    Wow! I adore the colors! What a way to make it your own and so different from the norm! Wow!