A Vintage-Chic Pink and Cream Wedding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Working in a hospital can be an intense experience. However, those long nights spent on call can sometimes be the perfect setting to get to know someone and eventually fall in love. Erica and Brannon George's love story sounds like a story line from a Shonda Rhimes Grey’s Anatomy script, minus the “scandal.” They initially met while working the night shift at a hospital. Brannon was a first year resident and Erica was a new nurse. When Erica paged Brannon to check on a patient, she immediately thought he was “cute” and “nice.” However, it was left at that. It wasn't until a year later that their paths would cross again while caring for a mutual patient. They found each other on Facebook, exchanged numbers, and Brannon invited Erica to hang out with friends after work.  After that first date, Brannon and Erica saw each other EVERY DAY.

Brannon decided to propose in the setting where they fell in love: the hospital. Erica shares, “Brannon's proposal idea was so unique because the place that we met was also the place that we made the decision to spend our lives together.”

Their wedding was just as sentimental.  Erica looked like a vintage dream when she wore her mother’s 30 year old wedding dress during their ceremony. The couple also incorporated their Louisiana culture throughout their wedding. Their invitation suite was French inspired, their venue was the home of the first governor of Louisiana, guests munched on Louisiana delicacies, and a second line kept the good times going during their reception. Tyrell Banks Photography beautifully photographed this sentimental wedding full of culture and vintage glamour.

Quick Facts 

  • Wedding Date: 05/11/2013
  •  Wedding Location: Old Governors Mansion- Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Wedding Theme: La Mariage en Louisiane
  • Wedding Flowers: Magnolias- Louisiana state flower
  • First Dance Song:  Johnny Gill- "You For Me"
  • Wedding Cake Flavors: Almond
  • Wedding Menu Favorite: Shrimp and grits
  • Bridesmaids Gifts: Bridesmaids received pink and white robes from Victoria's Secret.
  • Groomsmen Gifts:  The groomsmen received Best Buy gift cards.

The Proposal

Our proposal was memorable and symbolic for us. On June 25,2012 at 10:30 am, I was at work charting at my nurse station and Brannon appeared. Brannon sat in the chair next to and talked to me about how much he loved me and how I am the "better half" of him, LOL! I looked away from my computer and said, " What's wrong with you?" Brannon went on to elaborate on my influence in his life. After the emotional dialogue Brannon looked me in the eyes and said,"Erica, I can't live without you, will you MARRY ME". Along with the beautiful diamond, Brannon surprised me with four dozen roses. The number 4 is symbolic to us because we are both born on the fourth day of our birth month. Brannon's proposal idea was so unique because the place that we met was also the place that we made the decision to spend our lives together. I would not have thought of any better way.

Our love has grown strong and our faith in destiny and purpose is ever evolving.

Wedding Style 

My wedding dress was worn by my mother when she married my father. It hadn't been touched in 30 year. It was very sentimental and one of the most cherished parts of my wedding memory. My favorite wedding accessory was my gold David Yurman jewelry set bought as a gift from my husband.

Incorporation of Culture 

Louisiana's culture derives from French and Spanish settlers. Louisiana has a rich French culture that is still nurtured by the population. I wanted to reverence my culture and show my love from the state that made me who I am today. My invitation suite was French inspired. My venue was at the Home of the first governor of Louisiana. Our menu featured only Louisiana delicacies such as shrimp and grits, andouille, Tasso, and shrimp pasta, crab cakes, fried catfish bites just to name a few. We incorporated the Louisiana wedding tradition with the second line which consists of the wedding party and guests parading the venue with decorated umbrellas and handkerchiefs. My staple symbol was the fleur de lis.

Most Memorable Moment

Wearing my mothers wedding dress to marry my love.

Wedding Advice

Spend time getting to know one another and plan your life after. Enjoy the time and mostly enjoy your day.


  1. Tonya

    The dress you wore for your ceremony was stunning. Knowing that your mother wore that dress when marrying your father adds the blessing to the saying “something borrowed”.

  2. Bradley Elliot

    nice dresses looking gorgeous.


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