Wedding Accessories: Hair Adornments by “Powder Blue Bijoux”

If you are a modern bride that wants to bring a touch of vintage glamour to your big day, you will love the bridal accessories by Power Blue Bijoux. Powder Blue Bijoux's designer Alana Belton mixes fine bridal laces, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, and gorgeous feathers in every bridal accessory she designs.  Her collection includes: Bridal Feather Fascinators, Bridal Jewelry, Birdcage Veils, Bridal Headbands, Wedding Hair Combs, Wedding Gown Brooches, Bridal Tiaras, Bridal Hairpins, Bridal Handbags & Purses, Wedding Gown Sashes, Bridal Shoe Clips, Wedding Veils, & Bridal Head Pieces. We have shared some of our favorite hair adornments below. Let us know what you think of the collection!

  1. Jmaes1

    Hi there, the hair accessories is looking perfect for you. I just want to buy this type of hair accessories for my friend. It will be ok to wear this hair accessory on the hair wigs. As my friend use to wear the wig. A few days later there is my friend birthday and I am thinking to gift her the beautiful hair accessories. She had recently purchased the cheap hair wigs from the online store at at the affordable price.


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