Wedding Hair: Natural Hair Bridal Inspiration from Vlogger “Simplycre8eve”

Are you a natural hair bride that is debating on whether to straighten your hair or not for your wedding day? Well we are happy to share that one of our favorite makeup and natural hair vloggers, Rose Lherisson (most popularly know as simplycre8eve) is starting a new bridal hairstyles series. The hairstyles are gorgeous and naturalistas can do them all by themselves!  Rose shared this with us about her exciting new venture:

"After receiving so many phone calls from natural women with different issues relating to bridal hairstyles I figured it would be good idea to show a couple styles that are very easy to do. I just want our natural brides to know that weaves and relaxers are not their only options for their big day.  In the near future I will be doing more videos on bridal hairstyles. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more cre8eve easy styles at"

Below we are sharing one of her new bridal tutorials. It's sure to give you plenty of inspiration:
[youtube url="" width="600"]
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Photography by  Joe Wesley

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